Ever wanted to hold a GIF in your hand? Our flipbooks are like tangible, physical GIFs that guests can thumb through again and again, and relive the fun each time!

Our flipbooks are made by recording a short 7 second video of guests dancing, jumping, and and generally having a blast in front of our Flipbook Booth. The video is then split into individual frames that are printed on archival quality photo paper. They are bound together with a custom book jacket/wrap and handed to the guest before they leave the Flipbook Booth!

Our system enables us to create as many as 160 books per hour, so guests never have to wait around to receive their flipbooks.

Guests can instantly share a branded digital version of their book online to multiple social media channels with the addition of our Photo Sharing Kiosk.

Custom overlays, backgrounds, and full colour book jackets can be applied to the books to customize them for your private event, corporate event, promotion, trade show, conference, gala, or any other event!