GIFs are are perfect way to add a little action to your photo booth experience!

We can provide a traditional GIF (3 or 4 shots) or a boomerang GIF (burst of shots played forwards and backwards) each with several options to make the experience unique to your event.

We can also apply still and animated overlays, green screen backgrounds, and other special effects.

Check out the samples below!

9 Camera Array

This GIF is made by taking a photo and freezing the action from 9 different angles at the same time!

Slider Boomerang GIF Booth

Similar to the 9 Camera Array booth, this booth uses one camera on a slider and adds an element of time to the GIF. Much smaller than the 9 camera rig so it can travel more easily and works with lower budgets.

Boomerang GIF Booth

A standard single camera boomerang GIF. Made by taking a burst of shots and stitching them together to create a short animation.

Boomerang GIF + Animated Overlay

Similar to a standard boomerang, this GIF uses several overlay frames to create an animation on top of the image.

Standard GIF

A classic GIF made of up 3 or 4 shots taken one at a time and stitched together into a mini slideshow, perfect for sharing online!