What are Green Screen Backgrounds & How Does PartyPix Use them to Personalize Your Event?

Green screen backgrounds have been used in photography, television and film making for many years because they allow you to change the design and style of a backdrop rather easily and in a nearly endless number of ways. PartyPix employs this same technique so our customers have the power to personalize their event with custom photo backgrounds.

Whether you rent a booth or opt for a mobile photo studio, using a green screen allows us to switch out the green in editing and to replace it with the backgrounds of your choosing. 

How the Green Screen Photo Booth or Backgrounds Work

Green is used most often for the simple fact that it’s not a common clothing colour – and nobody has green skin! The colour of the screen used for the photo booth or backdrop can’t be found in the subject’s clothing for this technique to work.

Once the photo is taken, the green screen is removed from the image and another background is placed behind the subject.

What Your Photo Booth or Mobile Photo Studio Includes

When you rent a booth or hire one of our photographers to take your guests’ photos in a mobile studio, we’ll also include our custom graphic design services. This way, your green screen background will be exactly how you want it, whether you would like your photos to be fun and silly or to represent your organization with company branding. The sky is the limit!

For more information on green screen backgrounds or how to best personalize your booth or mobile studio rental, give us a call. Document your next event properly with high quality photo services from PartyPix. We’ll help ensure your, tradeshow, conference, gala, corporate event, wedding, birthday bash or any other occasion is unforgettable.