PartyPix can customize your print layout to commemorate your event or display your branding. All of our layouts are available with our Classic Photo Booth, Open Style Booth, and Mobile Photo Studio.

Below you will find some of the more popular options:

Single Image

This option is most suited for our on-site studio service. It takes up the whole page so more people can get in the photo. To ensure the photos come out great our skilled photographer will take several shot of the same group and print the best one.

PartyPix Mobile Studio Single Image Layout

Duplicate Strips

For a classic photo booth experience choose our double strips with either 3 or 4 photos and your name, company logo, and/or event date at the bottom. Each strip is 2" wide x 6" tall. Perfect for sticking inside a school locker, on the side of a mirror, or in a purse to carry the memories with you where you go!

1 Large, 3 Small

A popular choice for promotional and corporate events where branding is key. This layout incorporates one large photo, 3 thumbnail sized photos, and lots of room for branding! Can be set in a horizontal and vertical orientation.

2 x 2

Printed on a 4x6" page, guests will receive 4 equal sized photos, and a small logo or graphic to commemorate the event.

3 Up Vertical

This layout gives you 3 vertical photos with lots of space for branding or commemorating a special event along the bottom.