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GIF Booth Options: When considering the type of booth you'd like for your wedding or event, and you decide on a gif booth, you have a few more options to consider. Here are the options we offer at PartyPix!

Slideshow GIF

This is the most basic of our gif booth options. It’s usually combined with a standard Studio Booth rental so when you take a photo to print, the photos from your session are converted to a GIF and are sent to you instantly via email or txt, ready to share to your instagram, facebook, etc.

This is a great option when you want to have a digital version AND a physical printed version of the photos for your guests.

A boomerang gif is different than a Slideshow GIf because it takes a rapid burst of 16 photos and then plays them in an infinite forward/reverse loop. Creating hilarious and interesting shareable moments. Perfect for sharing to Instagram with your branded overlay and event hashtag. This is great gif booth option for unattended or digital-only photo booth rentals.

To take things one step further we can add a side-to-side element to your Boomerangs! The Slider Boomerang is similar to the boomerang above but works with a curved slider mechanism to give it a 3D effect. Check it out below!

For large scale event where you need to bring out the big wow factor, our 9-camera boomerang gif booth (aka Matrix Booth, aka Bullet Time Booth) will entertain guests and give them something most event goers have yet to see. This booth uses 9 cameras, studio strobe lighting, and a huge backdrop to capture action in a similar fashion to the scene in the ‘Matrix’ movie where Neo (Keanu Reeves) dodges bullets while the camera rotates around the scene, seemingly while the bullets are frozen in mid air. There is a lot of branding opportunity with this activation. We can apply a digital overlay to the videos, we can print a custom background, provide a custom backlit panel with your logo and other graphics, and we can even print out photos instantly with your event information and branding. The videos/gifs are emailed instantly, and guests can share them on their Instagram, facebook, and twitter feeds.

Mad Hot Ballet Experiential Marketing Bullet Time Boomerang GIF Booth
Mad Hot Ballet Experiential Marketing Bullet Time Boomerang GIF Booth
Mad Hot Ballet Experiential Marketing Bullet Time Boomerang GIF Booth

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