What to do when a fun photo booth doesn’t make sense?

When is it not appropriate to have a photo booth at your event?

You should know....

Ok guys, I’m about to share the secret that other boothers don’t want you to know. Believe it or not, the always-awesome photo booth doesn’t always work in your favour in a trade marketing activation. 


Imagine yourself; it’s 7:30am. You’re sporting your snappiest business attire. Your boss said to arrive early so you can network at this professional conference. The first speaker starts at 8:00am and you haven’t had time for your morning coffee yet. After 2 hours of panel discussions and key-note speakers, you finally get a networking break and a chance to walk the trade show floor or visit with some of the event sponsors. You don’t really know anyone here. Now I ask you; are you in the mood to grab a funny sign on a stick and pose for three photos? Not likely. Are you maybe wondering to yourself, “How can I get to the next point in my career so I can execute all the great ideas I’m getting from this conference?” 

BINGO! We have a winner.

What to do?

Enter the professional headshot studio. Yes – this is a pitch for our headshot studio, but we are also trying to help you maximize your investment in event marketing. Bare with me here, while I tell you why you want this service for your next conference or trade show.

The Professional Headshot Studio

Our professional headshot studio delivers high quality, professionally shot and lit images to conference attendees instantly. By leveraging the same technology as our social media photo booth, guests can select and share as many images as they like. The images are sent out on a branded email from you, the event sponsor (or host). You can have the opportunity to collect conference delegate data with a CASL compliant opt-in. Best of all, the headshot studio is a honey pot, attracting guests into your exhibit space like bees to honey or moths to a flame. Each session takes a minute or two, but the inevitable line up creates important dwell time, where your companies sales reps can have a chance to establish a connection with the waiting guests who are happy to wait because they are getting a service valued at $100-$300 per individual.

More bang for your buck

Best of all, your cost for this experience is about the same as you’d pay for a “fun” photo booth, so you get a higher quality interaction with more guests for the same investment.

So, the next time you’re planning to event in a room full of networking professionals consider using a headshot studio to help maximize your marketing investment. We’ve never had a client regret this choice and we go back year after year to some events becoming a signature experience that guests look forward to.

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Corporate Headshots Toronto

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