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Why should we work with PartyPix

What make PartyPix your top choice for photobooth vendors?

With dozens of photo booth vendors in Toronto I’m sure you’re wondering why you should choose one over the other. Recently a potential client reached out and said she was asking herself these same questions. We’d like to share this story with you. 


Back in December, Company X was in the process of planning a corporate event. They knew that they needed a photo booth to help entertain their guests and thought it would be a simple matter of going down the list of vendors in Google, getting some quotes and making a choice. What they found was a huge variety of prices. This challenged their assumption that all photo booths are the same. Surely, if the prices are different, there must be a difference in the quality of the service and product. 


Much to our delight, the client from Company X asked if she could come and see our booth in action. It just so happened that we were running a multi-day marketing activation for Coach at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. They had sponsored the Christmas tree and needed an interactive activation to complement their pop-up shop in the atrium where the tree stood. We happily invited our potential client to come and see what we had planned for them. In 13 years of running this business, we’ve had fewer than 5 potential clients come and visit one of our events to make their decision. 


After chatting with Tal and experiencing the booth we’d set up for Coach our potential client could clearly see the quality of service, attention to detail and high end final product. She appreciated the level of service and care we put into our work. She could see for herself that our focus is on ensuring our client was well taken care of and the brand experience we provided was a natural extension to the one they wanted to give their customers.


We are happy to report that this client booked their event with us. If you are thinking about booking a booth for your next event and want to experience the PartyPix difference, please let us know. We’d love to have you out to see us in action or we’d be happy to come visit you in your office for a team presentation.

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