Which photo booth is right for my wedding

Open style or enclosed retro style? What's the difference? Which is better for your event?

Do you find yourself thinking, “Yikes! There are so many different options to choose from. Do I go with a classic booth? Open Air?

I was thinking about GIF’s or Slow Motion video. My guests will want to post on Instagram, can I do that too? Heeeeelp!”

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here is the definitive guide on all our booths to help you decide which booth is best for your guests and venue. 

Open Air Photo Booth

Who loves it? Everyone, young and old

What services can it do? Almost all of them!

Photo Booth, GIFs, Boomerang, Slow Motion Video Booth, Flip Books – these services come with different prices, but you needn’t decide on just one. Give us a call or email to discuss your options. 

How big is it? The booth itself is a sleek self contained pedestal kiosk that takes up 14×18” of floor space. The backdrop is typically 8’ to 10’ wide and. The whole setup is usually 8×8’ to 10×10’ but it can fit in smaller space if required (not less than 4×5’) 

Why should I pick the open air photo booth? 

By far our most popular photo booth for weddings, the open concept booth allows more guests to get in on a shot and houses most of our services (see below). Ideally this booth needs 8×8’ to 10×10’ of space, depending on which background you choose so you need to consider if your event venue has enough space to keep the booth in a high traffic area with a little room to move around it. 

We find the standard 3 photo print out on a 4×6” or a 2×6” strip is the most popular option with our open concept DSLR booth. Most of our clients add an animated GIF that your guests can email or SMS to themselves for easy Instagram worthy moments. 

What’s great about this booth, is you don’t have to sacrifice the Slow Motion Video’s you’ve been dying to capture of your college friends, for the standard photo booth sessions your aunts and uncles will feel comfortable with. This booth does it all! 

Clients love that they can select from one of our 20 stock backdrops to ensure their event decor is on point. We can event collaborate with you on a custom set design or flower wall from your event decor company or incorporate gorgeous balloon’s from our friends at TO Balloons

Retro Photo Booth

Who loves it? Nostalgia lovers or anyone short on space

What services can it do? This versatile booth can create a classic photo booth experience with modern touches such as incorporating an animated GIF or video guestbook. Guests can also email or text their photos to themselves after the session has ended.

How big is it? The booth footprint is only 3×4’, perfect for high impact in small venues!

Why should I pick the classic photo booth?  Our classic photo booth boasts retro style with all the modern convenience. We custom engineered and built our arcade style booths to emulate high fashion softbox lighting. The camera is placed a little higher than eye level giving guests that coveted selfie angle. Our bench is 3’ wide, so there is room for a few friends to squeeze in! 

How many guests can fit in the booth at once? 4 guests can fit comfortably. 6 guests can squeeze in. Ambitious guests who feel very comfortable with one another have squeezed in 10 faces (this was before #metoo)!

If you’re still not sure which booth will suit the style of your evening, consult with us. We can talk about event flow, timing, location and the different customizations. Check out our FAQ page to learn more about what comes with every package. 

You can see samples and a complete description of our Classic Photo Booth here or our Open Air photo booth here

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