No. You can’t use your wedding photo for your headshot on linked in. An appropriate headshot is key to opening the door for new employment, or even simply networking with vendors or clients. An accurate, professional profile picture on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media is what can set you apart from others in your field. Social media is the easiest way to foster new relationships or maintain lasting ones and having a profile picture that shows off who you are as an industry professional has never been more important.
As business owners we frequently look for our own vendors. There have been times when we’ve come close to inquiring on a service from a particular company and have stopped the process before it began because the headshot of the account manager we were supposed to deal with looked unprofessional and conveyed the wrong impression about their personality. 
We’ve developed an awesome service for networking events and conferences. Sponsors can now offer professional headshots on site which are delivered almost instantly. Check out our mobile headshot studio for your next event. 
Cropping, angle, lighting and attire are all important factors to consider when selecting the perfect profile picture. Check out a few resources we’ve found to keep you sitting pretty on social media.
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